Relex – The world’s first blockchain platform

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Relex is the world’s first blockchain platform that  allows participants to take a direct role as a proxy developer in premium selected  real estate projects around the world. We enable participants to be proxy developers, with the investments being fully private wealth compliant to boot. While our total projects under contract total over $3 billion USD, you can choose to invest as little as $1 to $200 million during our first Initial Developer Offering (IDO) using our verifiable blockchain system.

John Bonar, the CEO of Yes-to-Business is the Chief Investment Adviser to Relex.

Relex is brought to you by Squawk Advisors, a Chicago-based private equity investment advisory company with a strong market presence in Southeast Asia. The firm has been involved in private equity in the Vietnam market since 2015. We have aided such clients as industrial parks, pharmaceutical companies, real estate companies, US agriculture firms, and more. We have contractually partnered with such firms as Paul Gambles’ MBMG Group, and Douglas Clayton’s Leopard Capital, to name a few. After building up a robust real estate advisory portfolio, we have decided to take our hard-negotiated commissions and redistribute the proceeds of the projects back to you. With [RLX] you can choose the development projects and IDO’s that you wish to get involved in, or just join our community and platform. The choice is yours, as we bring the wisdom of the crowd to real estate development.

We offer the 6 following key features:

1) A specially procured list of filtered real estate projects that fit our investment quality criteria of 12%+ YoY returns or fully liquid private wealth compliant vehicles. We have experience sourcing real estate investment opportunities with such investors as Paul Gambles’ MBMG Group, and more.

2) A level of micromanagement with the developer. Know what you are investing in down to the exact building or floor. Know exactly when the funds are withdrawn, and be informed to how your funds are being used. Monitor the step by step disbursement of capital directly to the project owner.

 3) Redistribution of broker commissions back to the investor. We through our negotiations with the developers have negotiated commissions as high as 10%. With our Relex fintech solution platform, we redistribute these commissions when paid out back to the owners of the Relex token. Cut out broker commissions, and get the best possible bang you can for your investment buck.

 4) Our Relex cryptocurrency is linked to private wealth compliant real estate investments. That means for these select investments, we can sell the underlying LP to private wealth brokers such as JP Morgan in the event that investors would like to divest earlier than scheduled. No capital lock ins for private wealth compliant vehicles- be as liquid as you would like to be.

5) Relex also partners with developing countries’ most preeminent developers held in high regard by the real estate community. These developers offer investors a minimum return on their investment. The developer is so confident the project will turn a profit that they have issued an official guarantee. The offer is backed by an underlying bank guarantee with the developer. This written guarantee we will also signal out to the community for verification before the ICO.

6) We possess full contracts with the developers, and we will signal a verification to the community before the ICO. All contracts with the developers will be fully viewable to participants that choose to work with the developer.

Additionally, we are offering the token to private equity investors right now at a low price of 100 VND (about $0.004 per token), with a total supply of 2 billion tokens. We have set a low initial value so your firm can gain appreciation from the value of the cryptocurrency itself, as well as the real estate gains from the underlying assets.

Upon a total token supply of 2 billion fully issued, the total market cap will be around $8 million against an underlying capital call requirement of $200 million alone for the Cocobay Danang project, not to mention Woodfine and our other developers we will be calling capital for as well. Upon your register of interest, we will explain further details to you and we can issue you the Relex address at that time.


Current Project Offerings:

1) Cocobay Danang- Cocobay Danang has been featured on national TV in Vietnam, endorsed by famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, and is being developed to become Central Vietnam’s most preeminent entertainment destination. This project offers 12% guarantee on investment- for an 8 year period- contractually backed by the developer’s written guarantee to the investor.

2) Woodfine Capital Projects- Woodfine Capital is looking to change the way real estate investment funds are structured, by being a public reporting issuer that has had its LP units wealth compliant certified. That means say goodbye to lock-in periods and waterfall exits- Woodfine Capital LPs are fully liquid, ready for the investor to sell at any time.

For more information on these specially procured real estate projects, please see the link attachments in the email. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us for more details. Upon interest, we will provide you with the wallet address. If you would like to see the underlying contract with the developers, feel free to make a request to view. If you would like to discuss things in more detail between the developer and ourselves, we can arrange for you a meeting with the project owner for a better explanation of the process.

Please do peruse the following links to get a better understanding of Relex and the parent company Squawk Advisors. Also, please take a look at the attachments for Investment Memorandums for Cocobay Danang and Woodfine Capital Projects. Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Cocobay Danang – Vietnam

Woodfine Capital Projects – Canada

There is a total of 2 billion coins, and we are currently conducting a pre-sale at the price of $0.004 per coin, which sets us at a modest $8 million USD valuation against capital raise mandates of $200 million USD for the first round.

For those interested, please let us know and we shall provide you with the perquisites in order to participate in the pre-sale.

For more information, please view for more information.