About Us

About Us

by iangadot

Yes-to-Business (YTB)

Founded in the belief that the old established world order is in decline and that a new economic order is rising. Led by China and buttressed by Russia and India the world’s emerging markets are where the most promising new business opportunities are to be found.

This site seeks out such opportunities and publicises them to make them available to a wider audience.  Some opportunities require a payment to receive full documentation which is a necessary filter to ensure we only invest time with serious potential partners.


Our mission is to promote worldwide business opportunities in selected emerging markets. John Bonar and other YTB team members will visit the regions promoted, assess the opportunities and report on them.

This means YTB executives will have acquired in-depth knowledge of the regulatory framework, investment incentives and bureaucratic procedures and can guide investors through the processes.

About Us - Yes to Business LTD

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The YTB Team

About John Bonar The CEO of Yes to Business LTD

John Bonar


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IT Director

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