Relex is world’s first blockchain-based real estate developer platform.

Originally conceptualized from an American and a Vietnamese through frontier market focused private equity firm Squawk Advisors, Relex was created in order to provide access not only to institutional investors, but also provide access to regular investors to their real estate development projects in our investment portfolio we have been building since 2015. With Relex, investors can participate at the developer level of projects, often yielding great opportunities that was only available to institutional banks and ultra high net worth individuals. Now, with Relex, the ordinary investor can gain access to the wealth of opportunities at the real estate development level. Relex currently has 3 real estate projects featured on the blockchain, and operates in 4 different countries and expanding. Already in operation, already possesses the real estate development contracts, and isalready are trading on the open market (ticker: RLX). 

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John Bonar is Chief Investment Adviser for Relex, and is in charge of filtering and selecting investments that meets the standards of investors that are looking for higher yield opportunities, in order to provide better access to promising real estate developments in emerging markets. He describes himself as a 69-year old contrarian Scot who loves disruptive technologies and ideas.

Relex is an Ethereum based blockchain focussed on investment in real estate developments from industrial parks to leisure complexes and will even consider carbohydron energy concessions. Relex is a flexible solution to real-estate based financing solutions from equity to loan finance.

Relex issues RLX crypto-currency and is quoted on the Etherdelta and sites. “If you understand the concept of crypto currencies and blockchain then you will appreciate that by investing in bricks and mortar RLX is approaching fiat currency status,” says John.

The company is a part of US registered Squawk Advisers Inc and its main operating base is in Vietnam. It is registered with the SEC.