Y!2B is looking for distributors and retailers to develop Aura’s worldwide distribution

Yes-to-Business currently has opportunities for most of the world outside the USA and Canada for Aura inhaleable supplements (Vape Pens). However we are constantly seeking other opportunities to expand the Aura manufacturers’ distribution and retail base.

Aura Vape Pens

Aura is a US based corporation with a laboratory in New York State.

It has developed a unique process to deliver inhalable supplements through vape pens.

This means faster absorption and straight to blood stream effectiveness.

Currently its market offering ranges from “sleep” to hangover cures. In total it offers six varieties including energy, focus and memory enhancement.

It is expected new products will be announced in January 2018 including an extension into pharmaceutical lines.

Carrier fluid

When the carrier fluid, vegetable-glycerine based, is heated by a lithium battery embedded in the vape pen, it enables vaping without the destruction of the compound

You get 12 times more of the compound available to the body through inhalable form. And absorption time within minutes. For fast-acting and for high concentration delivery, pills just can’t compete, period.

Depending on the compound it can range from 8 to 16 times increase in bioavailability compared with tablets and capsules which have to pass through the intestines.

The pens are expected to be sufficient for one month’s use.

Yes-to-Business has tried the pens and established the import procedures by air into the UK.

The wholesale price of pens to distributors ranges from US $6- $10.40 FOB New York. With larger volumes this drops to US $5.10 – $7.80. Following Aura’s RRP in $ Distributors can earn up to 40% from a starting level of 20% while retailers margins are 40% to 50%

We are currently seeking importers/distributors/retailers in Europe, the CIS, South Asia, South East Asia, China and the Pacific, Africa and Latin America.

In January 2018 Yes-to-Business will be establishing a web retail shop for Aura Inhaleables which will be serving UK customers. As distributors are appointed in other countries then customers in these countries will be forwarded to the distributor designated mail order channel.

Full details on the individual products including composition and a complete set of samples will be airshipped upon receipt of a bank transfer of GBP £1,500 in favour of Yes-to-Business Ltd to the following:

  • Lloyds Bank Ltd
  • Streatham High Road Branch
  • Account Number: 28439468
  • Sort Code: 77-91-30
  • IBAN: GB57 LOYD 7791 3028 4394 68
  • BIC:  LOYDGB21J31

In the first instance we (YTB and Aura) seek to appoint distributors who should be prepared to make a minimum initial investment of US$100,000 in stock.

Retailers will be managed by the distributors but if you are interested please show your interest by completing the Contact Us form here (LINK)