Russia Focus is a free web-magazine. Designed as a flip-book pdf it will be available
to view online and download on the Yes-to-Business Web site.

E-mails with links will be sent to 10,000 + people and the onward push from these are projected to generate 100,000 views of the RussiaFocus web magazine.

The 24-page special section on Crimea in the January launch issue is expected to
attract special interest in both the UK and Crimea.

The cost of advertising is deliberately being kept low. The rates simply cover our
production and promotion costs. A full page at rate card is £885. If booked for 4x (a year’s coverage, the cost comes down to £700 per insertion, which includes rate protection for the 4 insertions.

Rate Card No 1 Click here

Projected Contents of Issue 1 Publication date 20th February 2018 Click here